Technology Insurance

Insurance for Technology Companies

In an increasingly digital age, where technology is evolving at an exponential rate, tech companies adopt new, innovative solutions in order to keep pace with industry demands. When investments are made by high-tech companies, such as software developers, IT consultants or hardware researchers and developers, they need to mitigate risk and ensure that their future is protected.

The cost of innovation is high – from research to development testing – so there is an element of risk involved when rapidly developing technology is involved. As such, IT contractor insurance is critical for high-tech businesses. Insurance for such companies can be complicated, with many different aspects needing to be considered. Business leaders and decision makers would be wise to work with a professional insurance broker to develop technology insurance solutions tailored to their organizational needs.

Aegis Insurance Markets will help tech companies calculate the risk factors that are unique to their industry. We understand the types of coverage that are necessary for technology companies to minimize their risk and will help them identify the policies that will best shield them from extensive financial loss.

Insurance coverages available from Aegis Insurance Markets

Aegis Insurance Markets offers insurance to technology companies in a multitude of areas, designed to protect both their tangible and intangible assets. The available coverages include:

♦ General Liability
♦ Professional Liability
♦ Workers’ Compensation
♦ Cyber Liability
♦ Business Auto
♦ Betterments and Improvements
♦ Business Property/Tools & Equipment
♦ Manufacturing and R&D equipment
♦ Crime Bonds/Insurance
♦ Employment Practices Liability
♦ Fiduciary Liability
♦ International Coverage
♦ Kidnap / Ransom.

Partnering with Aegis Insurance Markets will give businesses high-quality technology insurance, which will keep them protected as they work toward staying innovative through times of digital growth.