Professional Liability Insurance (E&O)

What is Professional Liability Insurance? Professional Liability Insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance, protects your company from claims if your client holds you responsible for errors or the failure of your work to perform as promised in your contract. Professional Liability Insurance coverage includes legal defense costs - no matter how baseless the allegations.

Errors and Omissions Insurance will pay for any resulting judgments against you, including court costs, up to the coverage limits on your policy. Errors & Omissions Insurance coverage extends to both W2 employees and 1099 subcontractors, and can be worldwide in scope

Don’t Be Fooled. Professional Liability – Errors & Omissions Insurance – coverage is not provided by a Commercial General Liability policy. Commercial General Liability does NOT provide coverage for errors, contract performance disputes or any other Professional Liability issues. Companies who have General Liability without Professional Liability – Errors and Omissions Insurance – coverage are taking a serious risk. It is like a doctor practicing medicine without Malpractice Insurance.

Mistakes Happen. Every company messes up at some point. You can’t be everywhere. Sometimes you can’t personally handle every job. Errors and Omissions coverage insures not only your mistakes but also the mistakes of the employees and independent contractors you hire.

Most Importantly: Errors and Omissions Insurance might save you from extreme embarrassment, a lost client or worse of all, a bad reputation.

Architects, CPAs, Consultants, Engineers, Lawyers, Computer Consultants, Construction Managers, and many others have benefitted from E&O Insurance.

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